January 2020


Tribute to Mama P, the fallen Heroine. If you noticed, there hasn’t been any constant updates from the EdukesInk team on the site. That’s because it was devastated with the loss of a mom on January 1, 2020. One of our team members lost his mom. Since then, things have been unstable though getting normal now. Allow us to tell you a story and the lessons we learnt from this mama’s life. Once upon a time, there lived a nurse in a small quarter Bomaka,  in Buea. Her name was Mme Agbor Pauline Ebai Bawa. She was given many names out of her popularity kindness and respect for others. Some people called her Ma Pau, others called her Mama P but I (the writer) called her Ma Paulistic. Everyone tilted the name in any sweet way it pleased them. After working as a midwife and nurse at the General Hospital…