August 2020


Under the umbrella of the Nguti Area Synergies (NAS), elites from Nguti subdivision have met, Saturday, August 22, 2020, in Douala for the third constituent constitutional meeting. NAS is an association that is geared towards the economic development of Nguti subdivision. The state of Nguti subdivision as of Now Nguti subdivision is made up of 9 clans, 4 ethnic groups and 54 villages. Statistics from 2016 by Rainforest Foundation UK, shows that Nguti subdivision has a population of 20,060. Though amongst the oldest subdivisions in Cameroon (1967), it remains the poorest and underdeveloped in the country. A total of 71 Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools to serve the schooling population (20 Nursery schools, 41 primary and 10 secondary schools). Also, only 9 Health Centres exist in Nguti subdivision. Moreover, roads have been a major problem. The tarred Kumba-Mamfe road in the area does not extend to the hinterlands. The poorly…