April 2021


MY LOVE JOURNEY.The first boy who made my heart beat. This is a story I never shared. This is a story about teenage love. it explains how to teenagers in a village setting fall in love. There was this 3rd term holiday, I can’t remember the class in which I was but I know I was in secondary school. During that holiday, we had inter-village football matches. Youths from Bermin, Bambe, Ntale, Epen, Bajwe would visit our village, Babubock for 2 days to play a friendly. For this experience, my quarter, Muabwe Aka Petit-Douala was playing with Bermin. That fateful Sunday, as usual, the ladies gathered at the president’s house. our village girls had to cook to entertain their guests. I also took part in the cooking you know. I remember we cooked Ndolle, plantain, fufu, soup and fried some fresh fish. After cooking, I rushed home, boiled some eggs,…