About Eduke

Hi, I am Eduke Nadesh. I am a village girl. I love to share with you stories of my childhood and some of the struggles I went through in life.

I want my African readers and visitors to picture life growing up as an African girl/boy in an interesting manner. My passion is to tell stories about my failures and how I overcame them.

Do not think you are alone in that journey. Others have been and are there too.  I want to tell my stories and theirs too so we all learn how to overcome them.

Moreover, I have crawled  the web but I haven’t seen any site/blog that reminds us the African children of our childhood. I haven’t seen that personal blog yet, the one that talks about our struggle as African kids, the difficulties, fun moments and breakthroughs.

It is either fashion, entertainment or business. What about that the one explaining the first day a girl child saw her period or life back then in the village on Christmas day?

This blog is a practical session for me. I am putting into practice what I learnt in my writing classes at Makonjoh Media. I started by sharing stories on my WhatsApp status.

The feedback I got from contacts prompted me to start this blog. They confirmed the stories I wrote are worth sharing world wide so that others can learn from my life lessons.

Eduke holds a BSc. in Journalism and Mass communication. I work as Community Manager at ActivSpaces and my dream is to share with you the successes and failures in my life’s journey.

This was what Afro Hustler said about me. You can also read more of my works  here

My Team

Eduke Nadesh

Content Creator

Buma Wa Motia

Project Co-ordinator

Agbor Daniel

Graphic Designer

Tabi Idris

Web Developer

My Mentors

Larry Esong Akang


Laye Mbunkur

Business Development Manager

Valery Colong

Software Engineer/ Entrepreneur/ ActivSpaces Manager/ Community Development Enthusiast