Tribute to Mama P, the fallen Heroine.

If you noticed, there hasn’t been any constant updates from the EdukesInk team on the site. That’s because it was devastated with the loss of a mom on January 1, 2020. One of our team members lost his mom. Since then, things have been unstable though getting normal now.

Allow us to tell you a story and the lessons we learnt from this mama’s life.

Once upon a time, there lived a nurse in a small quarter Bomaka,  in Buea. Her name was Mme Agbor Pauline Ebai Bawa. She was given many names out of her popularity kindness and respect for others. Some people called her Ma Pau, others called her Mama P but I (the writer) called her Ma Paulistic. Everyone tilted the name in any sweet way it pleased them.

After working as a midwife and nurse at the General Hospital Buea, Bonakanda Integrated Health Center, CMA Muea, District Hospital Ekona and the Present Regional Hospital Annex Buea, she ended her race of service to humanity after an illness on January 1, 2020.

Ma Pau opened a small clinic at her residence in Bomaka after retirement where she continued to serve all those who needed her professional touch. You will be marvelled at the number of people who flooded her small clinic every day to be served. It seemed she had a Magical pinch of whatever she put in mind to do because they preferred coming to her than going to the hospital. 

She was top-notch at everything she did. She was a trained nurse: She wrote and passed the Government Competitive Examination into the Nursing Aid School Limbe and upon graduation, she was posted to serve in the General Hospital Buea. She also attended the South West Private Training School for Health Personnel Mamfe where she successfully graduated in 1999 after two years of intensive Professional Training.

I can’t count how many times I met young pregnant ladies listening to her instructions on what to do with their pregnancy. Adults and nursing mothers came to her for treatment too. Money never came first before life, it was the reverse.

You would be surprised at the humility with which she served these people. No doubt at her funeral, there were lots of tears. The whole world knew humanity had lost an asset. Who will wake up at midnight to attend to the needs of the Bomaka people again? Where will that female Jesus come from again (in Melanie’s voice, one of her adopted daughters) to make sure little children are in good health?

Her passing away was too much to bear. Family, friends, colleagues and well-wishers came from far and near to pay their last respect to the fallen heroine. She served as president at most of the groups she joined. Her motherly heart made people trust her easily. 

What could we do? It seemed death had much more power than we thought. And the mourners couldn’t stop asking why death took only the good people and left the bad ones on earth. In Africa, you hardly hear the passing away of a troublemaker, it is always the pacemakers 

The Pioneer President of Warders’ Wives Association, Pioneer Chief of Bonakanda Integrated Health Center and Pioneer President of Temple Choir Group, Bomaka was now left only in a box, lifeless with nothing to do to bring her. If tears could bring her back, she would have because the number of those who cried for her were just way beyond expectations.

Ma Pau had aided the delivery of more than 1,500 children since she started her journey as a midwife. So, many people knew her. She was a piece maker too. That was certainly in the hearts of all family members.

Ma Agbor Pauline

In all these pain what do we learn from this African Nurse, Mother Midwife Midwife?

  • Girl child education is of paramount importance in society. Ma Pau delivered more than 1500 babies while serving at the hospitals, she gave quality health care to the people around her even after her retirement, she still craved to give quality healthcare to her community.

She was a plus to society. All these were possible because her parents and husband saw the need to give her a chance to fulfil her dreams and she did so by saving more lives.

 If only other parents and husbands can give other females a chance to fulfil their dreams, then this world will be a better place. Educate the girl child and watch the tables turn for good.

  • What legacy will you leave on earth? Everyone I came across said Ma Pau was a devoted health personnel at the service of humanity ready to save lives at any time. What will people remember you for? It is good we set good examples for others to follow. I hear most of her adopted children want to become nurses and midwives. Live a life that will inspire others to help the world.

Today, she is remembered as the woman who delivered pregnant women even when the situation was out of hand, the woman who saved babies from illnesses, the woman who discouraged many girls from having abortions but rather keep their babies etc. Decide on what you want to be remembered for and work towards it.

  • Give peace a chance and welcome everyone as they come. She was a builder with intentions of bringing to parallel ends together. It is evident even in her children. She accepted everyone as they came, nurtured so many children even those who weren’t hers. Though her knowledge may not be transferable, the values she instilled in her children live on.

The only thing we can wish for the heroine is a safe place in heaven and a perfect rest. She is a soul the world will miss. I quite remember when the Eduke’sInk team paid her a visit when she was sick. She couldn’t stop smiling even in her pain. 

Goodbye Mama P from the EdukesInk team

Stay tuned for the second part of the story which will hammer on the tradition and the African feel losing a mother.

Say anything you would love the world to know about Mama P in the comments section.


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  1. Ma Pau.. Yes i cant forget her.. She helped me during my pregnancy and after also guided me on how to nurse my daughter. She is a rare gem only lost, but alive in our hearts… RIP Mama

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