The recent August 21 landslide Mbo villages have been estimated to cause hunger, hardship, depression soon. Not only are victims unable to feed well as at now, but some also do not have shelter. Also, the village roads are blocked and some do not have access to their farmlands.

How Naguti Area Synergies responded to the August 21 landslide

The Nguti area synergies (NAS) association has sent 3 envelopes to the 3 affected areas of the recent August 21 landslide. The natural disaster which took place in Lower Mbo, Mbetta and upper Nkongho happened on August 21 2020. Unfortunately, 4 lives were lost.

The relief funds have been handed to 3 representatives of the hit villages by Honourable Julius Fonge, Member of Parliament for kupe Muanenguba who is also a member of NAS.  The funds are a token from the association bringing Nguti sons and daughters together to help those who have lost their homes, farmlands, loved ones and other property.

According to the initiator of NAS, Rev Tahka Nelson, ‘’…The gesture is part of the development of Nguti subdivision. NAS is coming in to show them its solidarity that we are one with them, that we are our brother’s keepers.’’ You can read more about the August 21 landslide in the Mbo Hinterlands and its damages here

Representatives of the clans involved in the August 21 landslide

The 3 envelopes sent to the villages contained XAF70, 000 each with the hope that victims will use the money to take care of their immediate needs. During the ceremony in Douala, Honourable Fonge handed the envelope for Lower Mbo to Chief Ashutah Thomas. Upper Nkongho to Esendege Cornelius and Etabong Joseph to Lower Nknogho.

Chief-Thomas-Ashuta receiving on behalf of Etawang victims
Chief-Thomas-Ashuta receiving on behalf of Etawang victims.
Etabong Joseph reciving on behalf of Lower Nknogho
Etabong Joseph receiving on behalf of Lower Nknogho








Esendege Cornelius receiving on behalf of Upper Nkongho

Esendege Cornelius receiving on behalf of Upper Nkongho

Recipients’ reaction to NAS’ gesture

The 3 emissaries have confirmed with their signatures and National Identification Card numbers the reception of the money. They will deliver the funds to the persons involved in the villages.

To Chief Thomas Ashuta of Etawang (Lower Mbo), the money will be divided among the victims in his village. And he will use part of his to hire labour to remove the mud deposited his farmland by the landslide.

Again, Esendege Cornelius receiving on behalf of the most affected village, Lebock in Upper Nkongho, said 5 quarters (Nshimbeng, Lebock Central, Ngiessang, Nsoke and Ebianke) were seriously affected. He expressed delight over the funds as they will aid the victims with basic needs.

Finally, Etabong Joseph receiving for (Mbetta) Nkongho Mbeng says the funds the government sent didn’t reach everyone. So, those of NAS will be spread amongst them so that everyone can have help.

In an interview with Honourable Fonge Julius,  “…The last time I was at Ngwatta, I was with the SDO for Kupe Muanenguba, DO for Nguti subdivision. Also, Chiefs from the Mbo hinterlands and victims of the landslide from Upper Nkongho Mbo, Lebock and Nkongho Mbeng (Mbetta) were all there.” Unfortunately, the affected sites are inaccessible due to damages as a result of the landslide. The convoy sent by the president of the Republic ended at Ngwatta, under Santchou in Menoua Division.

Other actions towards helping victims?

When asked about the actions taken already to help victims, the MP mentioned

  1. firstly, the president of the Republic has sent soilage packages to the victims
  2. Again, some assigned individuals are visiting the victims still living in hillsides advising them to move to safe grounds until when something has been done to help the present situation.
  3. Honourable Julius said he and his team are reaching out to the government to see what they can do to open blocked roads, gullies and valleys caused by the landslide.
  4. Moreover, a census has is taking place to know the number of victims in terms of number, gender, and age.
  5. Above all, his team is soliciting attention from NGOs to send more aid to the victims.

The people in these affected areas need help. Many are homeless in the heart of the rainy season, farmlands are now in mud (inaccessible) which will cost hunger in the days ahead. Finally, if care is not taken, the end result will be poor health, deaths and maybe another landslide.

Now is the time for the government and NGOs to come to their aid. However, you can reach the Coordinator of the Upper Nkongho Mbo Disaster Committee, Hon. Julius Fonge via 237 677 730 707.



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