By Enanga Chekore.

A slay queen is a girl who does not have a wealthy background but appears as if she does. she uses malicious acts to attain cash, drinks expensive alcohol, procures expensive cellphones. But back at home, she’s a chicken chaser. You can spot her from a distance by her obnoxious and heavy rolling accent characterized by flat pronunciations of the letter “e”. The Urban Dictionary says

“Dating a Cameroonian slay queen; the story of brother Mboe” is a piece that explains the frustration of an African boy who feels deceived by a girl he met and wanted to have a relationship with. Love relationships in Cameroon at times start with the usual chatting as explained in “First Chattere-The first boy to ask me for a love Relationship”

We are publishing this story because some African men have complained EdukesInk doesn’t write about male frustration but focuses on girls. Since Edukesink is here to share stories of the African child-both male and female, we listened to brother Mboe who explained his frustration about a “Slay Queen.”  If you think you have a story you want to share, write to us on Facebook.

Why does he term her a slay queen?

The term slay queen recently gained a lot of attention with the coming of social media. Some have given it a negative connotation but that was not the original meaning of the term. You may want to check its origin here.

Brother Mboe termed this lady a slay queen because of her mannerism. You may change your sense of judgement.  Get to find out their encounter in these subsequent paragraphs. 

NB: Some African men have certain criteria they look for in a lady that will determine if she can be considered a good girlfriend or wife. Majority of them want a woman who can do house chores like cleaning, cooking, laundry and “Manage money” etc. We are sure the thoughts are not far from Brothers Mboe’s imaginations of a good woman.

Since he has several encounters with her, we will split the story according to different episodes for comprehension sake and time. He explains in his voice.

Episode 1: How Mboe met with Aunty Bessem (his supposed slay queen)

“I am Brother Mboe and I met this 24-year-old Lady some time in Limbe- Limbe is a seaside city in the South West Region of Cameroon that attracts tourists and those who visit to have some cool time. Church Street, a place in Limbe is well-known for harbouring sex workers. Bessem lives there. 

We got talking and chatting. We have been hanging out together. Since I am in Buea, I would take her out at times when I visit Limbe. Buea is just 46 mins drive from Limbe.

 The name of the girl is Bessem.  So, on this fateful day, I invited Bessem to come and visit me in Buea. She came prepared with the intention of spending a few days over. That was not a problem. I was happy about it. So after hanging out that day, we went home and spent some quality time together. She slept at my place that night. It was Sunday.

The next day, as a caring and hospitable gentleman, before leaving for work, I gave her 5k (5,000 FRS) for Bessem to cook something. She was happy about it too. I thought it was because she wanted to cook for the man she loved since its one of women’s priorities. This is a real-life story.

While at work, I was anxious for work to close because I knew I was going home to eat something tasty. That feeling right, when you know you will meet something delicious at home to eat. Unlike the days you get home from work and have to visit food joints for supper. I was feeling like a newly married man, hahahahahaha.

Mboe’s Reaction when he came home to meet Bessem (supposed slay queen)

I walked home with all majesty and excitement. 

“Baby, I am home”, I shouted at the top of my voice. She was in the room when I came in. When she heard my voice, she rushed quickly to greet me. Her lipstick was all over my face. I knew something great was about to happen. After all the pleasantries, I quickly took a bath and sat on my small chair beside my small table.

“Baby, are you not done bathing? The food may get cold again,” she worried as she turned off the gas cooker after heating the food.

The aroma of the food made me salivate again. I knew I will kill myself that day with food. I already imagined myself finishing 4 plates of her food already. From the aroma, I could tell the meal was delicious. I knew I had found myself an African woman.

“I am coming, honey. Just a minute and I will be right there,” Mboe replied.

Mom Bessem served my food on a single plate.  

Ah ah! One plate? Ok ooo no qualms. I exclaimed quietly to myself.

With all excitement and hunger the whole day, I hurriedly opened the covered plate.

 Lo and Behold! Bessem used 5k to prepare spaghetti with smoked fish with almost a litre of oil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. 

The saliva that was almost falling from my mouth suddenly came back to my mouth. I developed cold shoulders. I was expecting to eat some eru or fufu and soup. In short, I was expecting an African meal. I was tongue-tied because I didn’t know what to start asking her.

The food at the joint suddenly looked more attractive. What Bessem served me cost at most 2000frs because I had almost all the ingredients home except the spaghetti and fish.

That was how my mood changed like the August weather. I got angry and didn’t eat. With hunger and disappointment, wore my clothes and hurried to the usual food joint in my quarter and returned when she was deep asleep.

No touching that night because I was furious and knew she had come to empty me. Normally, ladies will always try to impress their men when given first trials, but this one? it was more than I imagined.

I woke up the next morning and as I left for work, I told her to leave my house too. She asked for transportation money and I told her to use the money I gave her the previous day to cook. I showed her where to keep the keys when she was leaving.

What happened when Mboe left the house

Upon coming back home in the evening, I noticed things were not the same at my house. Bessem had taken oil from the kitchen, half a pack of Maggi, some raw rice, and put the cooked spaghetti in one of my beautiful dishes to limbe. It seemed she came for shopping. 

It didn’t end there oh.  She even took the shirt she used as her nightgown.  All the 25frs on my cupboard which could sum up to about 1600frs were also cleared.

And when I called to ask why she took those, her response was, ‘I needed transport.’

Ok, madam, he replied.

That was when I knew i was dealing with a slay queen.”

We hope u had a wonderful time reading, will be back with episode 2.

For readers’ judgement

In the story, we see a disappointed African man whose girlfriend didn’t act up to his expectations.

  1. Was Bessem supposed to spend the night Mboe’s place given they are not married?
  2. He gave her 5000frs to cook without specifying what he wanted to eat. Was she wrong to prepare the spaghetti?
  3. Is Mboe right to be angry because Bessem didn’t prepare a traditional meal?
  4.  Is it ok to use 5000frs to cook spaghetti and smoked fish to impress your boyfriend on a first sleep-over?
  5. Mboe didn’t eat the food. neither did he give her transportation to go home. was his anger valid?

Give us your opinion about ant of these question(s) in the comments section. Please, when answering, write the question number before answering.


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  1. The lady didn’t do anything wrong. Dude didn’t specify what she should cook. I don’t think the lady had any bad intention. I was expecting to hear that “I tasted the food and vomited it. It was horrible”. But the food was good, just that it wasn’t the type of food you expected. How would you not give instructions and expect someone to think for you? Even geniuses don’t think like that for others.

    Besides, you should’ve given her transport to go back. Not like it’s a right, but for courtesy.
    5k should be your base for judging that lady. Come on dude. What’s even your job? Some of us men really exaggerate. From the entire story, I don’t see a slay queen situation here.

    The following are slay queen attitudes
    1. If she couldn’t cook
    2. If she used the money and bought makeup
    3. If she was on snap and IG all day and didn’t even attempt to cook.

  2. John Paul Mbinkida Reply

    1) she was not wrong to spend the night there considering they have been together for sometime.
    2) Bessem could be wrong base on the fact that she was supposed to have known what his man will like to eat.
    3) Mboe was not supposed to show his bitterness because he didn’t make any demand before leaving the house that morning, he should have given a second trial to Bessem maybe she wanted to use that money to prepare something better the next day who knows.
    4) Yes, it is very ok depending on the man in question, why was Mboe considering 5k to be too big beside like I said above maybe Bessem did that because she felt that Mboe love it.
    5) Mboe the anger was not valid, pretend and give another trap to confirm the previous results by giving her 2k and call her when you are at work to beg her to cook you garri and erru.

    Anyways people way them di want slay Queen na them Sabi, because for me I am going me for a Village girl oh.

  3. Alung molly Reply

    1-according to religion and beliefs she wasn’t but based in the society we are now and her status as a slayonce its not a big deal.
    2-meeehhhhnnn who does DAT!! 5k to cook spaghetti especially for a guy( those creatures can eat for Africa).yeah I can say she was wrong
    3-he has every right to be angry cos he estimated everything DTS y he gave her but 5k knowing fully well dt it was sufficient.
    4-hahahahahahaaha,they say first impression counts even though the girl didnt care.
    But no 5k is enough to make something reasonable, y den prepare spaghetti?
    5-yeah,he had every right to be angry but den he had sooo much expectations.

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