The village girl, Eduke Nadesh awarded best female blogger? How, Why? When and By Who.  All answered in this blog post

Eduke Nadesh, fondly known as the village girl also lead content creator at Eduke’s Ink has gone home with the prize of Best blogger in the female category.

The awards organized by the Cameroon Bloggers Association, (L’Association des Blogueurs du Cameroun) had four nominees for the Best female category. 

This category has been mistaken to mean best female blogger. But in the actual sense, the category is on blogs that create content advocating for the well-being of women and the girl child in the society.

Nominees in the female category
Nominees in the female category for the #abcBlogawards

After deliberations and scrutiny from the 7-person jury, Eduke Nadesh was awarded Best Female blogger on Friday, October 15, 2020 in Cameroon’s capital, Yaounde.

Jury at the #abcawards
Nominees in the female category for the #abcBlogawards

Eduke’s win comes 2 years after she and her friends created a blog,

There, she shares her experiences as a girl child, with focus on educating women and society on the difficulties girls go through. The stories also hammer on  possible ways to overcome these challenges.

Village Girl’s (Eduke) reaction to the nomination and award.

“When I received a message from a friend of the nomination, I was shocked. It didn’t move me at first because of the notion I have about awards in Cameroon. I shared it on the Eduke’s Ink WhatsApp group to get the thoughts of my team members. I told them not to be excited because we may not react to the nominations. They asked many questions which forced me to go and read. At the same time, I was waiting for a message from the organizers, I knew they will reach out and say something.

After going searching for the ABC page page on Facebook, I read extensively on what the award was all about. It was motivating to find out that they were out to promote those who have shown consistency and are using their voices to educate the public, exactly what I was doing.

I went back to my team and shared the link to the ABC Facebook page. They read also and decided we react to it.

Some people from Yaounde called and told us they heard the nominees’ names read on the National station about an award to take place in the days ahead. We also waited for an email or message from the organizing committee requesting for anything but didn’t receive any. All these encouraged us and the team to do something. 

Then, our content creation and graphic design teams went ahead to publish a press release of our nomination. Our friends, readers and well-wishers were very excited because it was what they had been waiting for, a recognition of the good works of the team. 


Press Release on Eduke's nominations for #abcBlogawards
Press Release on Eduke’s nominations for #abcBlogawards

Despite the excitement, I wasn’t going to be at the awards because I had another program in the West Regions. Besides, the team knew the Village Girl won’t win because there were other great competitors in that category.

Lo and behold! while returning from Mbouda that night, I got a call from one of the judges, Laure Nganlay congratulating me on my win. Yaaaaayy!! I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to get home and share the news with my team and loved ones.

Why Eduke Nadesh awarded best female blogger

According to the President of the Cameroon Bloggers Association,  DANIA EBONGUE Blog Awards is an award ceremony for the most regular and relevant bloggers. Those who have a rigorous writing style should be encouraged to stay the course and avoid the ease of microblogging which tends to supplant the original form of blogging.

 “Eduke’s Ink was one of the blogs that we looked at and the jury considered and shortlisted in the nominations. In the end, she got the best votes and her award was well deserved, President DANIA added.

Eduke’s award came as a result of stories like:

     1.The first day I saw my period

  1. Childbride rapedd on her wedding night
  1. How I was sexually assaulted by a man who called me his wife

These are experiences I have shared which still happen in society and are cautioning parents to look after their kids.”

Different categories and their winners
Different categories and their winners

Where and when the journey started

Eduke has been writing since 2015 when she started practising blogging while in school on 

Then, she was a Journalism and Mass Communication student at the University of Buea Cameroon.

From there, she started writing on while working at ActivSpaces as a community manager.

When her beautiful pieces of writing on Eduke’s Ink stormed the internet in 2019, she gained much attention which she says have opened doors for her.

“Since I started writing on Eduke’s Ink, I have been able to open many doors for myself which is one of the reasons why I created the blog. I wanted the world to see what I could do and how I could use simple words to educate and help mankind. I believe in telling stories using easy words to pass across important messages” Eduke said.

About the Village Girl, Eduke Nadesh

Eduke was born on March 29, 1995 in Babubock, Nguti Subdivision, South West Region of Cameroon. Her both parents are from Banyue (Mbo), still in the same subdivision. She was born and bred among the Bakossi people which makes many confused of her true identity. She has always been proud of both identities and speaks Akosse (Bakossi language) and Mbo  (Mbo language).

After completing primary school at Catholic School Bangem, she went to Government Secondary School Kosala now GBHS.

From form 3 to upper sixth, Eduke went to Saint Francis College Fiango Kumba. Her 9 Ordinary level and 4 Advanced level papers ushered her into the university in 2013.

She spent 3 years at the University of Buea reading Journalism and Mass Communication.  She graduated in 2016 with second honours, upper-division.

Since 2016, she has worked with institutions like The Scoop Newspaper, ActivSpaces Association, ActivSpaces Academy, D & J Consulting, The Daily Coders and other online news sites.

Together with 3 other friends, she created in September 2019 where she has been sharing her personal experiences as an African girl.

Late December 2020, the team added another product to Eduke’s Ink, Cameroon Tech News where it shares news, features and opinions on tech products, events and techies in Cameron and the world at large.  

 Eduke has proven to be reliable and dedicated to whatever she does. Eduke believes this award is just a stepping stone more which are still coming. She is skilled in content creation, Blogging, Digital Marketing, journalism and community management.

ABCbogawards package to Eduke
ABCbogawards package to Eduke

Connect with the Eduke’s Ink team via 

[email protected]

 Apart from writing, Eduke has been helping young startups and solo workers  get office space in Buea at a reduced rate. 

Get Coworking spaces in Buea from Eduke.Call/WhasApp 681272052
Get Coworking spaces in Buea from Eduke.Call/WhasApp 681272052

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