I have always wanted to be a Digital Marketer/Communicator, reason why I created this blog. This is one of the first steps to help me hone my content creation skill. Meeting Kenneth was another step to it. I will love to share with you our encounter and how every other aspiring Cameroon Digital Marketer can partake.

I met this intelligent guy at ActivSpaces and he swept me off my feet with his intelligence. Get to meet Kenneth.

I walked into my space at 9;30AM and saw this handsome, tall fresh guy relaxing on my sofa at the corner of the lobby. Hhhmmm, I paused for a second, greeted passively, went into my office, dropped my bag and came back to greet properly. He was in the company with others guests.

“Hi Kenneth, my name is Eduke Nadesh. I am the Community Manager for ActivSpaces and content creator for Eduke’sInk…… Nice to meet you …”

Wooow, he shook his head in acceptance and introduced himself too. Of course I knew him already. I was going to be the moderator for the panel discussion in which he was one of the panelists.

I had never met him but I did my research though it didn’t reveal he was that tall. I called him to a corner and we chatted on how the panel was going to look like.

Then his time to give a talk came. He was a speaker at the event (Codestorm 2.0 organized by ZuumPay). This young guy stood up and wooooowwwed the audience. I thought I knew how to talk but no, I met my match that day.

Kenneth was presenting on “How to use Digital Tools to become a 5 Star sales person”. His presentation wasn’t the usual; with many boring slides carrying lots of content and speaker going on and on and on. It was practical, engaging, concise and straight to the point. After listening for a while, I heard him ask “Any other person with another business idea s/he wants us to talk on?”

Woow, I saw many hands up. Basically, he was using the audience’s ideas as practical examples for his talk. And then I said to myself, this is exactly the kind of speaker I want to listen to. The kind that gives direct examples from my business and not the kind that speaks from the blues.

At the end of his presentation, all participants found themselves clapping endlessly in confirmation to “…We understood you, we would love to listen to you again, let’s network after the event…”

For sure I got some tips from him. I aspire to become one of the greatest Digital Marketers Africa has ever got. And the journey has begun.

And then days later, Kenneth hits me up as follow up of our first meeting.

“Hi Eduke, I have this event coming up in Douala. If you really want to learn Digital marketing as you said during the event, then you need to come for this….”

So who am I to refuse this? And I said to myself, if I want to increase my network, learn the digital marketing I want, know how to use the tools, then I must be ready to attend such events. It is in places like this that I get to meet my kind and network with them. Like they say, “Your network is your networth”.

Going through the event ads, I saw Bonteh Engelbert as one of the speakers. Woooww, I have been longing to meet this guy. Remember the famous Bonteh Digital Media Awards? I will be meeting face to face with the organizer and other bloggers. It will really be another amazing experience for me to listen to Kenneth again. I pray you also get an opportunity to exchange with him.

Nzonda Fotsing  is the managing partner at Zongo Group Ltd.

Apart from what I read online, Nzonda told me he is a Google and Hubspot (Inbound) certified Digital marketer with 5 years experience.

“My work (has worked) as a Digital marketing consultant for glotelho.cm, wazota.com, Commercial Bank, Les Brasseries du Cameroun, Empire Media Group and co- founder of a handful of digital niches is to ease consumption for middle aged Africans”. He said.

Since 2017 till date, Nzonda has trained, mentored and lead over 90 young Cameroonians to successful digital marketing certifications on reputable platforms online (Hubspot, Udemy, Google for Africa, etc) and eventual employment. No doubt his presentation was so excellent and interactive that day.

Nzonda Kenneth
Nzonda Kenneth, speaker at the Digital age event

I think everyone aspiring to be a Digital Marketer should go in for this event. Take a look at other speakers and their topics.

Bonteh Engelbert
Bonteh Engelbert, speaker at the Digital Age event

Bonteh is also the founder and CEO of Bonteh’s blog.

Bonteh Engelbert, also known as “King B” is a digital entrepreneur, trainer and event planner. He is the founder and president of the Bonteh Digital Media award, the largest and most prestigious digital media gathering in Cameroon. 

He has worked on projects with national and international brands such as; Orange CAMEROON, BICEC, PMUC, X Maleya, Stanley Enow, Salatiel, Ecobank, The Cliq Empire and many more. He was listed amongst the 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians in 2017. 

He is passionate about helping small businesses and individuals grow their brands via digital marketing and expert trainings training over 200 individuals in the field of digital marketing.

Yvonne Angwi

Yvonne  Angwi is the Sales Manager at GreenHouse Ventures. She is a content creator/ public relations specialist for Pausi properties and Embi Productions.  Founder of Aleana Consultancy; a marketing agency that targets brand promotion through technology and social media.

 Eduke’sInk team recommends this event for every aspiring Digital Marketer. Aside the network, there are many tips they can learn from the presenters and participants. 

Register for this event via this link


It will be more practical if all participants come along with their laptops or smartphones. There will be free wifi for everyone plus something to chew. 

Did I tell you how I almost got lost in Yaounde? Please note of the address: Kotto Fin Goudron Mbange, Before Angelina Hotel (Fotabe University). Ok. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

There are contacts on the event flyers. Feel free to call any in case you have questions. You can also leave your feedback on the comments section.


Hi, I am Eduke. I am a village girl. I'll love to share my journey with you hoping you share yours too with me.

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