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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has played a revolutionary role in facilitating the use of fuels used for heating and cooking. With multiple advantages, bottled LPG is experiencing strong growth of 9% per year in Cameroon. However, LPG also has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage of using LPG is related to access, storage and security.

Fire accidents are one of the main causes of deaths in Cameroon and the world at large. A majority of these fire accidents are caused by leakages from gas cylinders commonly known in Cameroon as gas bottle.  Unfortunately, MYGAZ, a startup in Cameroon says gas leakage is the second cause of fire incidents in Cameroon.

Other problems Users have using gas cylinders.

  • Household gas consumers cannot track their gas consumption.  It becomes frustrating when a hungry lady tries to cook something for herself and the gas in her cylinder leaves her halfway.
  • It is tedious and stressful to fill a gas cylinder in town, especially at night. The gas cylinder is made of metal and has a heavyweight. This makes it difficult to carry by a child, a sick person or an elderly person.
  • Moreover, Gas trafficking is another problem. Many gas cylinders sold to consumers are not full to the extent specified by the competent authority. It is common to find a local in Buea complaining to a vendor about a gas bottle/cylinder not filled to its brim. however, s/he can’t prove it because the bottle is not transparent.

Today, therefore, let’s visit a startup in Cameroon that uses patent-pending technology to accurately predict the level of gas inside a gas cylinder while securing the user’s safety.

The startup concerned about the problem

MYGAZ is a Hardware Start-up company providing a Smart and Connected Gas Meter and gas delivery service to domestic gas users in Cameroon. Managed by Bisso Ruben and associates, the company was founded in November 2018. Then, it was located in the tech environment of Silicon Mountain, Buea and later moved to Yaounde in 2019.

The development of this game-changing product started when the founder, Ruben was still a first-year engineering student at the University of Buea. The desire to make his mum’s life simpler by giving her the means to prepare herself before running out of gas and the feeling of security at home with the gas prompted Ruben to start this journey.

MYGAZ’s solution to fire incidents caused by gas leakage

The solution to fire outbreak as proposed by MYGAZ is a combination of engineering and industrial design.

In addition, the product is a smart combination of an electronic monitor and a mobile application that allows home gas consumers to control how gas is used. The device alerts the user by SMS when the gas is at the critical level and when there is a gas leakage in the home.

Features of the Application

MYGAZ proposes solution to fire incidents caused by gas leakage
MYGAZ’s, proposed solution to fire incidents caused by gas leakage
  • Real-time display:
    It provides real-time information on the gas remaining in the cylinder in percentage (%). The level of the green light indicates the gas level in the cylinder. Download the myGAZ application on your smartphone to also monitor your gas level.
  • Gas leakage detection:
    The device is able to detect gas leaks and alert. The device indicator flashes red. An alarm is activated.
  • Consumption history:
    After downloading the MYGAZ mobile Application, a display of your consumption history and a forecast of when you are going to burn out will be displayed.
  • Ultra-portable:
    The device is convenient and easy to use. It is light and adapts to cylinders of different dimensions.
  • Rechargeable battery:

The device has a long battery life span and is easily rechargeable with a USB cable.

The product is developed in collaboration with the design firm Bisso Dynamics, led by Bisso Ruben. More information about MyGaz at

Has MYGAZ’s proposed solution to fire incidents in use already?

The startup is at the end of the product development phase and intends to launch the manufacturing of the product by the end of 2021. Moreover, It has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Tagus Investment to get more financial resources to provide sub-Saharan African countries with this product. If it interests you to join this venture and have an investment portfolio, you can get in touch with the startup.

MyGaz has received awards from the Tony Elumelu Foundation, Orange Social Venture Prize, National Student Contest Awards (SOAP).

Other services offered by MYGAZ

The MYGAZ Solutions/services are built around the product: the smart gas meter connects with the mobile application.

MYGAZ Solutions provides two services to the domestic gas consumer: Gas delivery service and gas leakage Maintenance.

The operation of the service uses two things, a mobile application and an administration platform. When the customer places an order for a newly filled gas cylinder, a notification is sent to the gas agency. The nearest delivery person is responsible for completing the delivery. This can also be used by restaurants or food services where the demand for gas is quite high.

About the Founder and MYGAZ team

Bissou Ruben founder of MYGAZ
Bissou Ruben, founder of MYGAZ

My name is Bisso Ruben, I am a former engineering student of the University of Buea who studied Electricity and Electronic Engineering. For professional reasons, I put a break in my last semester.

Moreover, my passion has been always engineering, science and technology. Fortunately, 2017 was the year I succeeded to design and make my first product idea. It is presently giving the direction to my life. Currently, I am a full-time Product designer at MyGaz. I also work as Product Design consultant at the 3D Printing Center of Polytechnic Yaounde. However, I can do same job for other local and foreign startups.

In 2020, I founded a design firm with a vision to compete with tech giant companies in the world with our various products designed by our engineers and designers

Above all, I am proud of my team which is made up of young and business minded boys and a lady. Our aim remains to make the most sophisticated gas monitor. Lastly, Our team is composed of electronic engineers, software engineers, and a project manager.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

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