Under the umbrella of the Nguti Area Synergies (NAS), elites from Nguti subdivision have met, Saturday, August 22, 2020, in Douala for the third constituent constitutional meeting. NAS is an association that is geared towards the economic development of Nguti subdivision.

The state of Nguti subdivision as of Now

Nguti subdivision is made up of 9 clans, 4 ethnic groups and 54 villages. Statistics from 2016 by Rainforest Foundation UK, shows that Nguti subdivision has a population of 20,060.

Though amongst the oldest subdivisions in Cameroon (1967), it remains the poorest and underdeveloped in the country.

A total of 71 Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools to serve the schooling population (20 Nursery schools, 41 primary and 10 secondary schools).

Also, only 9 Health Centres exist in Nguti subdivision.

Moreover, roads have been a major problem. The tarred Kumba-Mamfe road in the area does not extend to the hinterlands. The poorly maintained roads leading to the villages are now footpaths.

All these infrastructures are non-functional due to the unrest in North and South West Regions of Cameroon.

The main sources of water are streams, poorly managed boreholes and rainwater. Life becomes very difficult in the dry season when the streams run dry.

unfortunately, there is only one Post and Telecommunications office with one staff member. There are no television or radio signals within the municipality. There is no newspaper. Mobile telephone networks are mostly available (MTN, Nextel and Orange). The lack of electricity makes it difficult for mobile phone owners to recharge on a regular basis.

Above all, electricity wahala. Most villagers do not know the shape of an electric pole. 99% of homes use bush lamps with kerosene as the main fuel and solar panels and generators occasionally. Only the upper clan of Upper Nkongho Mbo is supplied with electricity by a national company. The project was sponsored by elites of the clan in 2011, connecting cable line from Ngwata (Santchou) to Njungo. The recent August 21 2020 landslide has rubbed the village of the facilities.

The problems are many.

Why Nguti Area Synergies (NAS) has been Created

It is on this note that an Association has been created to steer the development of the Nguti subdivision. Elites of the subdivision have been meeting in different towns to draw the constitution. The meeting in Yaounde was on June 6, Buea July 11 and Douala August 22 2020. This is in a bid to canvas the support and contribution of all Nguti elites and make them feel part of the development dream.

According to the initiator of the Nguti Area Synergies (NAS), a native from Mboka-Bassosi, Reverend Takha Nelson, the association is an umbrella for unity, love, development for all sons and daughters from the 54 villages, 9 clans and 4 Ethnic Groups in Nguti Sub Division. It is an association that has been created to spearhead the development of the subdivision.

Initiator of Nguti Area Synergies, Rev Tahka

During the recent constituent constitutional meeting in Douala, there was a massive turn out from elites from many villages like Ekenge, Juinyue (Banyu), Ediengoe, Bebum, Lower Nkongho, Bassossi, Upper Balong (Manyemen), Babubock, Ntale, Mungo-Ndor, Lower Mbo, Bambe and Nguti. The over 70 elites present at the meeting came to discuss possible ways of contributing to the development of their area.

The development association whose seat is in Nguti town with branches all over Cameroon aims to operate in areas like Health, Education, Agriculture, Entertainment, Environmental protection, community development, economic empowerment and Arts, culture and social development of the Nguti area.

How to become a member of Nguti Area Synergies

“NAS is open to all sons and daughters of Nguti subdivision, whose ancestral origin is from Nguti. Also, corporate bodies existing in the area, friends who have lived there for long though their origin may not be from there who are 21 and above,” says the Steering committee and proposed constitution of the Association.

Most importantly, a fee of xaf2,000 is paid to the executives once a lifetime as registration with all registered members having a membership card. Registration of NAS members has started already.

Again, members shall pay yearly dues to enable NAS run development projects and sustain itself.

For more information about registration, contact the initiator of NAS, Rev. Takha via 237 674420269

The entire NAS is inviting all brothers and sisters who have not joined the association to do so for the development of the area. Rev Tahka says they should not be left out. A WhatsApp group has been created where all discussions about development plans take place.

Reactions about Nguti Area Synergies from Elites

Many have applauded this move to take Nguti sub division forward. Chief Fobia Julius of Nguti says Nguti elites cannot wait for the government to develop the area. Since the vision of NAS falls within the sustainable development goals, it will be nice for the Association to work together with the government to develop the area.

Chiefs, administrators, civil servants, members of government, educationists etc all present at the meeting in Douala have given their blessing for NAS to move forward.


Initiator of NAS and Traditional chiefs
Initiator of NAS and Traditional chiefs in Douala

At the General Assembly to take place in the months ahead, the final constitution will be presented. Read more stories from Nguti here

If you are interested in this development scheme, why not join the rest of the elites to make it happen. contact the initiator via this number 237 674420269


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    This is long overdue. The area has been abandoned and totally forgotten by the government. I hope this initiative helps better the lives of the 20k+ people living in our villages.

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