“For this Kamer whey we dey now so, who no want make waka? Place don spoil. Sef sef chop for put body and soul together no dey”. Find out why I couldn’t further my studies in Germany though I gained admission into a German University.


Like any other Cameroonian youth living in the North and South West regions, my wish was to flee from the crisis by travelling to Germany.

I have always had this wish to travel out of Cameroon for my 1st master’s degree. But the vision became clearer when the crisis started hitting very hard on me.

So, I contacted a friend abroad and told him about my wish. He knew the situation at home and was ready to help me get out of this dungeon. The best means we could think of was through schooling.

He did research on schools and choices fell on three. The choice of Germany was because I loved Europe and any country in it will do. Besides I have some few friends in there. I read beautiful stories about it too.

So, I travelled to Yaounde, did my National Passport and when I had it, I started applying for admission in schools abroad. By May, we had sent applications to these schools and two of them replied by June. One refused me admission because of the language barrier; I could not speak German, the course I applied for was partly in German.

Luckily for me the Global Communication course I applied for was an English course and I was so qualified.

Booooooomm!  I got a good news email from the university of Erfurt on that fateful day. It was informing me they had seen the documents I sent via post and will love to have an interview with me. I was very happy. That was my first time applying for a school abroad. I was happy they were very interested in me.

I shared the good news with some friends. They were happy too. I went online read extensively on how to prepare for an interview. I watched summary videos and did a lot of practice too.

When the day for the interview came, I loaded some data in my phone and opened on my skype account. There they were, two interviewers, a male and a female from the university. They were very excited talking with me. So was I, the reception was very warm.

Maaaassssaaa, the interview too ooooo very tough. These guys took me back to my 200, 300 and 400 levels in the university. I had so many questions to answer. They needed logical thinking too but I managed to get them correctly. After discussing for more than 20 minutes, the interviewers ended by saying they were very impressed with my motivation. They said my admission was guaranteed.

A week later, I got my admission letter via email.

Woooowww! I was very excited. I was proud of myself, so were my friends and family too.  I knew I was going to Germany. Finally, I was going to go abroad, work some money and take care of my family. My friends started calling me “Bushy”. They cracked jokes over my first trip out of Cameroon.

“Nah no forget we when you go oo. Cam make we take pictures so that people them go know say we been know you before you want fall bush”.

“Bushy, Bushy, Bushy”. So they called me since that day. My younger siblings have not stopped calling me that till today. “Bushy” is the short form for “Bush Faller“;  someone who travels abroad.

But I had a major problem.

Where will I get the money needed to do all the necessary preparations? After going through all the videos and literature online, I discovered I needed more than XAF10,000,000 to be in Germany. Or look for a sponsor to give me Affidavit of support. 

I later told my dad about it but he wasn’t really excited. He knew the money was much. My friends and I started hitting our heads to find who could help.

We knocked on the doors we were sure to have something from and even the ones we knew had nothing. But you never know who knows who that knows another who. Hahahahahahahaaa. Its teue but was it really valid for my case? It seemed we were knocking the wrong doors because no one offered to help.

I was supposed to block the sum of almost XAF6,000,000 in an account in Germany, then take care of other expenses like flight, visa interview, medical tests, housing, transportation, allowance etc. Where was that money supposed to come from? Time was passing and I didn’t have the money yet.

 October was the school start time and I was supposed to be in Germany by September. This means I was supposed to apply for my visa in July-three months before. I couldn’t apply because I didn’t have all the required documents and money needed to start.

That was how I missed it. There was no money to take me through that process. I wrote to the school and told them I won’t make it this year but I will do so the coming year.  But this kept me thinking. I asked myself

Was I really expecting a business man to give me even XAF3,000,000 for my schooling?

Where was I expecting my poor dad to get that kind of money from?

What could be the reason why God allowed me to gain this admission?

Was I in my right senses when I was applying for this program?

After meditating for few days, I concluded my time for Master’s degree has not reached yet. I continued with my job like nothing happened. Anyways, that was just plan B. 


The Lessons I learnt

  1. Nothing goes for nothing. I approached many people for help some of whom I knew could help. But the fact that I wasn’t bringing anything much to the table held them back from helping. Besides, why will a business man give his large sums of money to a girl whom he doesn’t trust of refunding it?
  2. Proper preparations prevent poor performance. I ran into applying for a school online without even preparing for the financial expenses. It is true I wanted to surprise my family but that didn’t work out well because I didn’t give them time to prepare
  3. Life is not easy the way we think. There is this common phrase, “when that time don reach we go know place for findam.” Lies, if you don’t prepare you won’t get it.
  4. Going abroad is not the only way out. We can still make it big at home. I have decided not to wallow in self-pity but sit back and make something big out of what I have beside me. These failures have inspired me to create this blog and I am willing to give in my all to make it work.
  5. There is no harm in trying. I applied for the first time and had an admission. I have just tested my ability and indeed, it worked. However, I know there is a reason why I didn’t succeed.


Have you had a similar experience? What stopped you from going?

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Hi, I am Eduke. I am a village girl. I'll love to share my journey with you hoping you share yours too with me.


  1. The story was so interesting that’s almost a similar experience I had 2018 after I got an admission into a school in Belgium. I did the formalities required and was waiting for visa. I was told to wait for three weeks for visa processing but I waited for more than three months and finally at the end the visa was denied and the reason they gave me was late application. I felt so bad but life still goes on maybe it wasn’t the right time for me too. I encourage you not to give up the right time shall come for you

    • Thank you Vitalis for sharing with us. You are right, the right time is coming

  2. Nkamwa Marcel Reply

    I came here to read an article and then I suddenly found myself moving from one article on this blog to another and then boommmm! I got to this one that gave me an impression that God wanted me to see this. Bushy, thanks for sharing your experience…

    In late May 2018, I was in a similar situation where I’d an offer to study MSc in Communication Technology at NTNU in Norway but due to lack of sufficient funds, I missed it.

    Literally, it will take about 3times the length of your article to pen down why my trip to my dream country didn’t workout but let me drop the lessons I learnt the hard way:

    1) Nobody owe you a thing. If you want it, go out and work for it.
    Prior to my admission, I’d people who were just waiting for me to get an admission offer but after I got it, the story changed.

    2) Your education is your responsibility, never outsource it to anyone.
    Never depend on anyone just because they promised you something. Well, as Elon Musk said: “It is okay to put all your eggs in one basket as long as you can control what happens to it.”

    3) “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared. ” I literally learnt this the hard way.

    4) Not everyone deserve to know about your plans. I think one of the reasons why we fail to reach our goals is because we’re to quick to announce our moves even before we make them. The world is evil and there’s so much envy and hatred.

    5) Failure is a sign that you’re trying. I tried, I failed but most importantly, I learnt and got exposed to things I’d never for once thought of doing.

    Let me safe the ink here…
    Takeaway: Failure is an event not a person.

    • Wooooooww guy, you are a bag of brains. This is soooo touching. We are may of us in this. The lessons are eye opening. There are better days ahead

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