Congratulations to IDA DELPHINE and EBAI JENNILINE AGBOR for their admission into the 2021 Google Summer of Code Program

So it was the evening of May 17th, 2021. I was expecting the GSoC results on that day but they came earlier than I expected. I was going through my email and then I saw a message from Google Summer of Code.

Inside of it, I got the jitters. I already knew I will get it though. But there’s this joyous feeling that comes at the sight of an acceptance email. And there it was – “Hi Ida Delphine, your proposal Code Formatting and Style Check for RTEMS SuperCore has been accepted! Welcome to GSoC 2021!” explained one of our winners.


What is Google Summer of Code and why Developers?

Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students work with an open-source organization on a 10-week programming project during their break from school.

Ida Delphine during a one-on-one chat with Cameroon Tech News gave us her understanding of GSoC. She understands GSoC or Google Summer of Code is an annual summer internship program for students and recent graduates where they spend their summer contributing code to open source organizations. In addition, they get a stipend ranging from 1500-3000 dollars based on their location. Apart from learning, they also get a stipend which motivates many developers to apply for the program once it is launched.

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How ida Delphine got selected for the Google Summer of Code 2021 program

Ida Delphine,
Ida Delphine

“It all started on March 9th, 2021 when GSoC organizations were announced. I immediately rushed to the GSoC site scouting for organizations so that I could start contributing ASAP. Considering the fact that I was previously an Outreachy intern with the Yocto Project which has got a lot to do with embedded and operating systems, I thought it will be cool if I just focus on the embedded space reason why I picked the RTEMS Project.

RTEMS (Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems) is a free real-time operating system (RTOS) designed for deeply embedded systems such as automobile electronics, robotic controllers, and onboard satellite instruments. Finding my way around the community was not easy from the start. But the first thing I did was join their mailing lists and IRC and introduced myself. The community was welcoming; one of the reasons I just focused on it and didn’t submit any other proposal elsewhere.

I began reading the documentation and in 5 days I submitted my first contribution which was instantly merged. Cool right?
So I had exams coming up but I didn’t want that to stop me. I made some more contribution before going on a short break…kinda to leave my mark and make things look like I am around.

I later went to their issue tracker and there were a bunch of proposed GSoC projects there already. Since I mentioned I am proficient in Python my mentor had already suggested a Python project for me. I later developed my proposal and applied via the GSoC website. After the application deadline, I stuck around asking questions on the mailing list about my project. I was already confident it’s mine. Fast forward and now I’m officially a GSoC intern!” Ida excitingly explaining her journey to the GSoC success

What are the benefits that come with being a Google Summer of Code Intern?

Apart from the stipend which is really attractive, there’s more to this. You have the opportunity to improve your skills by contributing to a huge codebase under the mentorship of an experienced developer. Just from my few days going through the RTEMS documentation, I learned a lot. What I wouldn’t get from the classroom or just by merely self-teaching. Also, you will get to network with a community of like-minded interns from a diverse set of backgrounds. If this doesn’t motivate you then the stipend should.

Reaction from Ebai Jennelin, another Tech Woman accepted into the 2021 Google Summer of Code Program

“I am excited to share that I was accepted as a GSOC 2021 student under CiviCRMA organization
 This is a huge achievement for me because one of my goals as an undergraduate is to do GSOC before graduating.

I tried last year but I did not succeed so I tried once more this year with more force and I was accepted. I will make sure I give it a 110%” said EBAI JENNILINE AGBOR


Tips on getting an application for Google Summer of Code

While chatting with her, she explains, “Getting the GSoC internship could be quite a struggle especially for a newbie that isn’t familiar with open source. But if you are a bit skilled in at least a programming language, willing to learn, and know the basics of opensource/contributing to opensource, then you’re good to go!

In case you’re looking forward to getting into GSoC next year or just get into open source, do these;
– Pick a path (could be web development, mobile app development, data science, etc)
– Pick at least one object-oriented programming language and be proficient in it.
– Learn Git and GitHub
– Learn algorithms and the Big-O (often neglected but important)

Tips on contributing to open source projects

– Join their public chats (mailing list, IRC, slack, gitter, discord, etc)
– Read the documentation README file of the repository.
– Ask questions after doing your own personal research.
– Start by picking small issues and try to fix them before moving to more difficult ones.
– Follow the contribution guidelines of the project.

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About Ida and Ebai



Ida Delphine is a programmer, who studies computer engineering at the National Higher Polytechnic Institute of the University of Bamenda. She is the lead of the Google Developer Student Club at the University of Bamenda. Ida is part of the Women TechMakers Bamibili community.

Jenniline Ebai on the other hand is a level 500 (Final year student ) of the University of Buea studying Computer engineering specializing in Software Development. She is a Laravel Developer.

The 2 ladies are members of the Google Women Tech Makers in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon.

Congratulations Ladies!

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