Recap of day 2 of the 2021 Silicon Mountain Conference.

The largest tech event in Cameroon, Silicon Mountain Conference is currently going on in Buea in the campuses of ActivSpaces, Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), Higher Institute of Management Studies (HIMS), University of Buea and Chariot Hotel Complex.

Cameroon Tech News brings to you highlights of Day 2 of the event at the university of Buea. A recap of Day 1 hereA recap of Day 1 here

For day 2, it was as follows

Panel Discussion

Panel discussion on overview is Silicon Mountain
Panel discussion on overview is Silicon Mountain

*The day opened with a panel discussion on the overview of the Silicon Mountain ecosystem to help the audience understand its history, components, problems and ways forward.

– 2 Panelists were pioneer members. The community got its name from Silicon Valley and the Fako mountain after many deliberations from techies then.
-The community has evolved from being just a tech community to encompassing other support structures like media, business, etc.
-Some of the challenges the community faces include inadequate PR, finance, inadequate skills.
– The Cameroonian economy has benefitted from the community in terms of employment, fundraising from startups, internship for students and many more.
-Panelists encouraged the audience to take up responsibilities and partake in community programs to fully claim their community rights.
-There are no community heads, structures nor registration fees to join the community. Everyone in the Fako geographical location doing tech entrepreneurship is a member.

The future of Fintech in Cameroon

Panel discussion on the future of Fintech in Cameroon
Panel discussion on the future of Fintech in Cameroon

* The Second panel was on the future of Fintech in Cameroon during which financial analysts dissected the Fintech situation in Cameroon.
-Challenges faced by FinTech (Financial Technology) in Cameroon include Regulations, Poor understanding by the government which causes them to resist FinTech, Capital Requirements, inadequate skills to build Fintech solutions and the fact that existing solutions don’t depict the reality of the Cameroonian setting.
-Recommendations for those in FinTech to study the law, understand how to get money from the Cameroonian market and security to explore the rich Cameroonian market.

Coding battle

Coding battle
Coding battle

*Then, the Coding battle organized by GDG Buea took place. 15 groups of at most 3 persons competed to take home the 100.000frs cash prize.
-Within two hours, some groups were to write algorithms for the backend while others implement design algorithms for the front end. The winners will be announced on the last day of the conference.

Debate by Women Tech Makers

*After came a brilliant presentation of the University of Buea who focused on the reach departments and schools like College of Technology, Faculty of Computer Sciences and Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

*Women Tech Makers took the stage to debate on the effectiveness of all-female tech teams vs mixed-
gender tech teams

The challenges women face as techies were discussed.

Women regroup in a single-gender group to solve the problem of underrepresentation.
Debtors talked about the things that may scare women to engage in technology; unfair payments, social pressure (women need to get married, get kids and others), women getting discouraged crying easily, and studying technology is very hard and time-consuming.

They mentioned how easy it is for women to form a single-gender group at the level of technology that it is for men.

* ANTIC schooled the audience on the importance of having a.CM domain.

ANTIC stands for the National Agency of Telecommunication and Technology which provides on behalf of the state
Promotion and monitoring of the public policy in the sector of ICT.

The presenter explained what a domain name is and
why audiences should use a.CM domain: because it is cheap, assured and also to promote Cameroon to the world.

Fireside Conversation with a tech guru

Valery colong sharing tech experience
Valery colong sharing tech experience

*Valery Colong in a fireside conversation enticed tech enthusiasts with his tech journey and encouraged them to dedicate their time to whatever they at doing. The day was very successful and enriching.

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