The largest tech gathering in Cameroon, SILICON MOUNTAIN CONFERENCE will happen from November 9th -13th 2021 in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. The organizing committee is rounding off with preparations for the historic event themed, “THE SHOWCASE.”

Though envisaged to harbour over 2000 participants, many who do not understand the tech ecosystem doubt the activities of the community members.

Lately, it is common to find a non-techie term Silicon mountain community members scammers, computer repairers, thieves or even computer vendors.

What Is The Silicon Mountain Exactly and how did it come into existence?

Since the early 2000s, computer enthusiasts like Churchill Mambe, Valery Colong (Co-founder of ActivSpaces), Otto Akama, Churchill Nanje Mambe (Founder, Njorku), Fua Tse (Founder, Zinger Systems), Tata Cyril had dreams of having a community where tech lovers can come together and learn from each other. Then support structures like Activsapces popped up and served as a gathering place for techies. This wasn’t enough and there was the desire to do more because the community was growing due to the presence of the University of Buea.

Then, in 2013, the likes of Rebecca Enonchong and other techies in Buea mentioned above decided to name the tech community in Fako division Silicon Mountain. This was describing everyone using technology to solve a problem.

Although the term Silicon Mountain became popular when Rebecca Enonchong used it publicly at a Barcamp Conference in 2013, ecosystem members were informally using the term to refer to the community. The name Silicon Mountain was used in this VC4Africa Meetup video in 2011.

The name Silicon Mountain

Silicon derived from Silicon Valley (a tech ecosystem in the US.) and Mountain alluding to mount Fako in the South West region of Cameroon. These 2 words give rise to a community that has evolved to not describe those interested in technology like the building of mobile and web applications only but those incorporating technology in entrepreneurship, business communication arts, teaching and many more.

Moreover, this name and activities carried out have given the tech community worldwide visibility and has attracted high personalities like diplomats and Cameroon Government officials who visit to find out what happens in the community. The power that comes with the name has helped open doors for many founders and this has placed the community at a very high level.

Since its inception, the conference was slated for an annual basis since 2015. However, 3 remarkable editions have taken place in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The largest of them is envisaged to hold this year 2021. This is coming at a time where the community is suffering from the socio-political crisis hitting the South West and North West regions of the country. It also suffered a three months internet shutdown in 2017 which paralyzed most of the creative activities.

Why have the  Silicon Mountain Conference annually

The annual silicon mountain seeks to bring in tech lovers and other key players in society like administrators, business persons, students, entrepreneurs, and academia.  This is to enable them to discuss progress made, shortcomings, way forward, and inputs for Cameroon’s technological advancement, Africa the world at large. Tech lovers believe there are surplus opportunities in technology that if well harnessed can solve many problems in Cameroon. Technology has allowed everyone to learn on their own at a reduced cost and use free platforms to practice what they have learnt for free.

Therefore, techies will be showcasing what they have been building since 2017 after the last conference.  The exhibition, speeches, panel discussions and keynotes will focus on showcasing what they are building and the future of Cameroon technology.

Just a tip of an iceberg, let’s give you a taste of the persons you will be listening to and connecting with.  The presenters have been drawn from different parts that make up the community. Here are Few presenters. Get to find out about other presenters on Cameroon Tech News on Facebookook.

Malomba Esembe              Rebecca Enonchong

Nzometia Nervis
Nzometia Nervis

Ayuk Eta


Above all, last minutes reservations for exhibition stands, sponsorship, partnership and attendants of the conference are still going on.

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