Since the COVID-19 pandemic reared its head in Cameroon in 2020, Cameroonian youths have learned to take online courses, acquire relevant skills to get jobs and earn a living.

With the available platforms like Upwork, Design crowd, Fiverr, etc, those who learn these online courses can easily do freelance jobs and get paid.

However, many still have the challenge of not being able to receive payments after completing jobs on these platforms.


Because most of the payment methods are not easily available to Cameroonians.

Cameroon Tech News (CTN) took its microphones to the streets to ask freelancers how easy it is for them to get paid after completing freelance jobs.

Agbor Daniel, a Graphic Designer in Buea, Southwest Region of Cameroon, lamented that it’s been more than a year since his 80,000 CFA got stuck on the Payoneer platform.

He has been unable to get the money after struggling with fulfilling all demands to create an account on the platform.

Like him, countless others are struggling with the same problem and yearning for a solution.

After careful observation and assessment of these platforms, a team of 3 Cameroonian software developers has created a platform to connect freelancers and those who need jobs done. The best part, it accepts different methods of payment methods convenient to Cameroonians.

Workamnow is a freelance service marketplace for businesses and freelancers to connect and work together.

The platform is a product of a Cameroonian-based tech startup called ZOTECH which functions like other freelance sites where freelancers do jobs and get paid by project owners.

ZOTECH, owner of the Workamnow Platform
ZOTECH, owner of the Workamnow Platform

Unlike other platforms, Workamnow is very unique and serves the Cameroonian market best.

“Our platform is very unique because it offers different payment options like mobile money, Paypal, etc,” says the team lead, Akum Blaise.

How does the Workamnow platform work?

If you are a Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer, Content Creator, Writer, Software Developer or Engineer, Video Editor who wants to market his skills, then go ahead and create an account on Workamnow,

On the other hand, if you are a company or an individual who needs some work done, you can also create an account to connect with those who have the skills you need.

After creating a freelancer account, all you need to do is to list the skills you have and write a description of what you can offer to a client. Remember to explicitly explain what you do to attract businesses hiring for such skills.

Once a client is interested in what you do, they will contact you for a job and both of you agree on what the terms of the offer are.

After completing the task, the client will pay the money via the platform. The admins of Workamnow ensure the client is satisfied and has done several revisions with the freelancer before paying in the money into the freelancer’s account.

When it comes to payment, Workamnow offers several payment options for the freelancer to choose from. From MTN Mobile Money to Orange Money, Express Union Mobile Money, and PayPal, depending on which option the client is comfortable with. Workamnow was created to serve more of the Cameroonian market.

The client, on the other hand, just needs to create an account, search for the skill they want, get in touch with a freelancer, agree on the job and price, get their work done, and pays via the platform, again, depending on the payment method most convenient to them.

Workamnow is closing the gap between freelancers and clients who need each other. With loads of skilled youths we have nowadays, there needs to be a sure site where some of these soft skills need can be readily available to keep them busy.

Workamnow logo
Workamnow logo

Why you should use the Workamnow platform

  1. It uses local payment methods convenient for its Cameroonian market. Unlike other freelance platforms that get to use credit/debit cards and other sophisticated platforms that are difficult to get, Workamnow uses local payment methods.
  2. With Workamnow, you easily get a job done quickly. Since it encompasses many talents ready to work, within few minutes of browsing the platform, clients can get what they want and get their jobs done quickly. Plus, its competitive nature ensures that clients get to choose the best.
  3. The platform ensures the client is satisfied before paying the freelancer. Hence, credibility is at its peak.
  4. Workamnow retains a commission of 10% only. Unlike other platforms that charge more than 15% commissions from clients and freelancers, Workamnow is allowing users to its platform and takes just a bite.
  5. It allows skilled youths to market their skills for free. It is a digital world, and one deal closed on Workamnow certainly leads to other recommendations.

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Is the Workamnow platform in use already?

Of course, some users have attested to how efficient the platform is at connecting freelancers and businesses. According to Mancho Leonard who works at Teknon Visuals, connecting with clients on Workamnow is an amazing experience as in less than a day after creating his account, he was able to get two jobs executed and got paid. Read on how to make money on Workamnow via this link

“I got to use the platform as if I was the one who made the designs, I got intrigued and interested so I signed up. From my experience, this freelance platform, Cameroon-based, will give creatives and clients in Cameroon opportunities to connect with ease. It will give visibility to talented creatives out there. So, I’ll recommend it to anyone because as the platform grows, I know anyone who registered will benefit from more opportunities.”

Create an account on Workamnow and start earning

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