Hey guys, welcome to enjoy First Chattere: Part Three. We hope you have read parts one and two. If you haven’t, you can find part one here and part two here.

First Chattere: Parts three, two and one tell stories of how some love relationships in the African setting begin. The usual always when the boy/man approaches the girl/lady to initiate a conversation and make his intentions known.

Where and where First Chattere: Part three started

“Then came Christmas day and everyone and where was busy. Almost everyone had a rendezvous because it was common on such days. Mine was not an exception because I had promised Mr XYZ during our last meeting we will talk in the days ahead.

There was I, on my own, sitting at home after taking my bath. I looked stunning in my black trousers and tight-fitting molang. Visitors had not started coming and neither did I go to church. A child came knocking on our door and I went out to answer.

Immediately he saw me, he smiled at me and said “…Uncle FAT HEAD di call you, ei dey for so so and so shop di wait you. Ei say make you come you one now now so…”  Why will this uncle call me so urgent on a day like this? I wondered.

I quickly brushed my hair and ran after the small boy who was handsomely dressed in a long white ‘agbada’ and black ‘pointinini’ shoes. He was also sweating profusely-surely because he was rushing to come to get me.

Upon arrival at the shop, I saw three guys-uncle FAT HEAD, XYZ and uncle MC. They were drinking beer and engaged in a serious discussion. I knew I was in big trouble because I knew what uncles FAT HEAD and mc were capable of. Who didn’t know them when it concerned dating in the village?

Reactions when girl meets First Chattere and uncles

It was another nervous moment for me. But I had to play the big girl nah?

“…Eduke! Welcome mami… Shitdon nor  make them give you some tin…wetti you go drink? Ehm madam, give this my girl some tin make ei drink…” uncle FAT HEAD said very loudly.

“…Give me any top”, I said quietly while staring at everyone in the big room. Of course, I knew the agenda already. I took a seat and sat beside uncle FAT HEAD. There was no time to waste. He started the conversation as though he had just 10 minutes to spend there.

“…see eerr, Nah, we no like that tin wey you di do oohh…XYZ like you plenty…XYZ na fine boy and ei no get no other girl for this village here…just accept for be ei girlfriend and all tin go be ok…we know say you di fear ya papa but that one no be problem. Make I ask you oohh, why you no want date XYZ?” uncle FAT HEAD preached.

Could Eduke answer? She was short of words as a result of the many experienced faces she saw. The two sips of the top I took after his question prompted me to respond like this…

“..I never be ready for get boyfriend. Wuna wait, when I go done get my ordinary level, then I go date XYZ…”

And that was it-It seemed my answer gave them hopes. That was how I closed that chapter. It means they had to wait for another one year for me to get ready-remember I was in form-four then. But little did I know one year was just too small to measure a man’s patience.

They were happy with my response. We separated on a friendly note and XYZ’s feelings for me grew by the day. While at home, I gave their request a second thought but I could not find any reason why I should date that guy.

After him came other guys who also came to try their luck.

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Thank you for being part of this series, it has been a great one.


Hi, I am Eduke. I am a village girl. I'll love to share my journey with you hoping you share yours too with me.


  1. So Part3 has ended? Why so soon?? Please let’s fast forward to when you passed the GCE. I’m on the line 😊

  2. “But little did I know one year is too small to measure a man’s patience” This statement has captured my interest & makes me lol.
    So long as a man has life, he is confident that it will come to pass some day. It was really interesting following up this blog. Bravo.

  3. Mundi Hermann Nchotu Reply

    Can’t wait to know what happened after you passed your O Levels ooh. Hahahahaha. I sincerely enjoyed the pidgin conversation. Gave me a vivid description of the whole “Chatteuring Atmosphere and Arena”😂😂😂😂

    Always a pleasure reading from you Eduks. Keep up!

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