Hello and welcome or welcome back to Eduke’sInk. This is the continuation of “First Chattere-the first boy to ask me for a love relationship”. As promised in chapter one, we are continuing with chapter two today. Take a seat and enjoy First Chattere: Part Two.” In case you missed part one, you can read it here.  

Part two of how he went about the chatting thing

Sunday came and everyone was at the field to see the ball. The usual football matches were going on and every village was interested watch. XYZ had sent his friend the previous night to tell me he wanted us to talk at the field. This left me nervous the whole night because I didn’t know which response to give him. I knew his motives already. He had been admiring me from afar; most of his attention was focused on me each time we were in a gathering. And the little talks I heard around contributed too.

I didn’t want the relationship at all but to clear the air, I accepted to meet with him. It therefore meant that I had me automatically accepted to meet with him.

I was in my usual t-shirt and black jeans with my leather slippers. Since it was Sunday, I had to hang around with my friends.

While beside the field discussing with them, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, from the back. on turning, my eyes met with Mr XYZ. Jeeez! I froze, my heart skipped like it wanted to come out through my mouth. I couldn’t complete the sentence I was making before he tapped me.

Probably, my friends knew already because he had been making some moves. Immediately, they coughed suspiciously and ran off to meet others opposite the field. My God!  I was so shy. I felt like everyone at the field was looking at me.

The feeling of everyone looking was ok. But woe betide me if the wrong person, my father saw me. He would have come with a gun from nowhere. It was the last thing he wanted to see-small boys around his beautiful daughters. Thank Iesu he wasn’t in the village then.

Chartere’s reaction when he saw me

Guess what! He was nervous too. Hahahahahaha! His was very noticeable. I could tell he was afraid to look at me in the eyes; his hands were trembling; he couldn’t move his lips and he looked elsewhere.  It took us almost one minute to break the silence after my friends left.

Seriously eeerr, can’t tell why I was so nervous. He was a normal boy in the quarters; not like he had something too special that got me nervous. I guess that is how the love relationship  is.

“Bay, how for you? You don come field? This ya slippers fine eehh”, he said while trembling.

I thanked him with my head bent because I couldn’t look at him in the face.

However, he took my right hand with his trembling hands and started touching the back of my palm softly. I am sure he did thay to ease the tense atmosphere. Hhhmm! I couldn’t help but shy. He asked me a series of questions about my day and family which I replied. 

(I hope you are enjoying and understanding First Chattere: Part Two)

Suddenly, he started reciting the love lines. He said things which I had never heard (Na dey I know say man pikin do si small. See small boy for quarter we we and them we di play around all time. Ei no talk things them wey I no believe say ei knowam.). Deep in me, I didn’t believe them. I was there just to listen and not react.

While he said them, I found myself digging the floor with my left toes. Everything things else became more interesting than what he was saying. I almost harvested all the long grasses around us with my bare hands. My finger automatically became shorter than they used to be. Hahahah! Any passerby would have understood he was “chating” me.

“…Eduke, I like you eehh, you be the only girl for this village wey ei fine with plenty sense. Seriously, I want am make you be my girlfriend. Wetti you think? I be think say by now ya sister go done tell you about my intentions because I don di wait ya reply…”

XYZ said peacefully. He added some other things which I didn’t understand.

My Resonponse to First Chattere;Part Two

“Eeehhh?! I then realized he was talking to me. Baby was looooong gone from that scene. What exactly was I thinking about? He repeated the last lines again and asked my opinions. That put me on the same page with him. I wanted to answer but I couldn’t take off my had from my face because I was shy. 

Shy shy baby told him she will think about it and give him an answer after thinking of what to send him off with.

…XYZ, I don hear tin wey you don talk. I go go think about am tell you the answer, you hear? By bye. I want go meetup my friends them for that other corner field” 

It was getting late already and the match had just ended. My younger sisters were already coming towards me so I could take them home. That was the usual you know.

Immediately my friends saw me eerr, they burst into laughter because they know what my response would be. I couldn’t help but shy away and angry at the same time. And I said to myself “..If only XYZ knew what my friends are doing to me, he wont be bugging me for a love relationship. He thinks I don’t know he just wants to get me pregnant and move to the next lady”. That was what I always had in my head as a result of the things I saw around me.

Ok! First Chattere: Part two ends here. We hope you enjoyed your stay. See you when you come for Part three.

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  1. Mundi Hermann Nchotu Reply

    Really enjoyed it. The suspense in Part 1 made me wait for this second part as a lion waiting for it’s prey So realistic. Vividly narrated. My best part “Bay, how for you? You don come field? This ya slippers fine eehh”, he said while trembling. I burst into laughter here😂😂😂😂😂😂.
    Thumbs up, Eduks. Ur pen can make any guy reading your stories to become ur Chatteure, honestly

  2. Village boys couldn’t allow white girl to rest ooo , Sunday was fixed for chatting girls especially our na becos she’s very intelligent and beautiful too 💚

    • I tell you, my white sister. Sundays were the official chatting days, hahahahahaha

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  4. 😆😆 Lemme cam’an be going to Part3. This Part2 is just too interesting. So Eduke can make shy shy tinz too eh 😂
    That ya slippers fine eh 😂😂😂 Almost got me on the floor oh

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