Though it’s common with almost every African girl in her puberty stage, few can talk about their First “Chattere”-First boy to ask them for a love relationship. Many of our readers have asked to read about our experience of a “chattere.”

This story of a first chattere may not apply to all the girls, but, most of them had a similar experience to this. Mind you, most of us African girls could not share these experiences with our mothers because we were shy and had lots of stereotypes. As usual, Eduke’s Ink gives its readers what they demand.

Enjoy this beautiful piece. It seeks to inform, educate, and entertain our readers of the stories we have around us.

What “Chattere” means

“Chattere” in our local Cameroonian parlance is a boy that is asking out a girl on a love relationship. We call it chattere because the boys chat with us trying to convince us to fall for their chats. In the African Context, the boys always do the chatting.

A girl may have many chatteres at once. Her choice will always depend on what she wants or at times on what her friends tell her. Chatteres always come immediately girls attain their puberty stage. Women have chatteres even in their menopause stage.

However, girls aks boys out these days. In a nutshell, the Chattere is the one asking for the relationship.

This is the story of one of our African ladies. She tells it in her own words.

How and when did all this chatting start?

“I was fourteen (14), and in form-4 then. It was Christmas holidays-so I went home-Babubock village to spend the festive period with my family.

Yea, my small boobs were already visible in my little tight-fitting tops and small “nyash” (buttocks) started protruding in my tight long skirts. I was just from learning what a lip balm was used for and just in my second year of seeing my period.

Young men always hovered around our house. I didn’t know why because my sisters had many school mates who were boys. My age mates always came by too to play. I was too naïve to believe all were just innocent visits. It didn’t occur to me some of them came to pluck unripe apples

However, I knew I was too young to be in a love relationship. I had seen what my village sisters had turned into due to early pregnancies from school. They were idling around in their parent’s houses while others went in for early marriages.

Of course, I didn’t want that for myself. I knew I had a bright future ahead of me, so I didn’t want anything to come between me and my future.

I have always admired riding in big cars. The plan was to finish high school, obtain a university degree, get a good job, marry, have kids, and live happily ever after. I still have this picture in my head ooh…

How my Chattere Approached Me:

The chatting process had three stages. I won’t tell you at once. I will tell you part one today and parts two and three in the days ahead.

 Part One  

So, three days after I came back from Kumba, I was in the kitchen when my elder sister called me and invited me to fetch water with her at the stream. I picked up the black and white 10liters container and we discussed as we walked on. Then she stopped and said to me, “XYZ say ei like you ooh, ei say make I tell you say ei want follow you”.

For a minute, I didn’t have anything to say to her. I paused for some few seconds and pretended like I didn’t hear. The first place my thoughts went to was the physical appearance of XYZ, his educational history, his family and physical strength. My mind told me to start acting the way people do in the Nigerian movies I watched.

Then, I turned and looked at my big sis and gave a big sigh-“Tsuiiiiip! I no be interested ya sis! I no want any tin wey ei go worry me for this village…”

She asked why I wasn’t interested but I can’t remember the excuse I gave her. This gave her cold shoulders to talk about the topic again. Never did she bring it up again. I am sure she went back with my message.

Part one of  First “Chattere”-First boy to ask me for a love Relationship ends here. Part Two will be published tomorrow. You can read more about African Relationships here


Hi, I am Eduke. I am a village girl. I'll love to share my journey with you hoping you share yours too with me.


  1. WAww! This is awesome. Story from the roots. The real African traditional roots. Love in those days was genuine. Though not all lol!

  2. Hahaaa
    Tell me about it Nashe. I don’t even remember my first ever experience. All I remember is just standing there, looking at them and going (in head): “eheheehhh, you don see na me as ya small tin for fool’am eh??” 😆😆

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