Edukes Ink, a personal blog in Buea, seeks freelance creative writing volunteers, to join the team in writing interesting African tales. Application submission ends on Monday, November 30, 2020.

Application Requirements

  1. Provide the link(s) to any creative story/blogpost/write-up of yours or attach a creative write-up of not less than 500 words. You can browse through  to have an idea of the kind of stories.
  2. A Resume saved in PDF format
  3. A Cover Letter also saved in PDF format

Profile of creative writing volunteers

  1. Candidates should have 6 months of experience in creative writing
  2. Also, the right candidate will be a flexible person who can work on any bit assigned to him/her
  3. Ability to conduct interviews, construct simple sentences, write a full story and edit will be the greatest qualifier.
  4. A mastery of the pidgin language is a plus.

About Eduke’sInk

Founded in 2019, Eduke’sInk is a Pan-African blog that shares interesting stories about Africa and Africans with a focus on lessons learnt and reasons for African behaviours. Eduke’sInk loves Africanism and wants all Africans to be proud of who they are. You will see these values on our website at


As volunteers at Eduke’sInk, writers will have the opportunity to get their write-ups published by a prestigious institution like us. This is to help creatives who have not had the opportunity to get their work published made known worldwide.

To this effect, we encourage unexperienced story writers who are willing to learn to apply. They will learn in the course of working with us.

If you wish to apply, please send a resume and cover letter to the founder at [email protected]  Please feel free to contact us at 237 679 89 17 17  if you have questions about the position.



Hi, I am Eduke. I am a village girl. I'll love to share my journey with you hoping you share yours too with me.

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