I couldn’t stop brandishing my “32” to anyone who cared to know. Hahahahah. The gap tooth, white t-shirt, dark lipstick didn’t  go unnoticed. Everyone knew “shwanging”  (show-show) was my usual but the day’s own was extra. Just imagine a village girl shown on TV, that was my mood.

I smiled broadly, from mola to mola as I scrolled through the pictures sent to my gallery by those who watched the show.

Yaaayy! I was on TV for the first time. I have been guest on HiTv’s most watched morning show, Elaela Gbwamu with Manow as host. Damn! This lady got some skills. The energy from her voice brought back memories of my days in JMC (Journalism and Mass Communication) as presenter of the radio program, “My Community and I.”

I was so excited talking about Eduke’sInk, my blog, where I pour out all my inspiration. I couldn’t cover the gap tooth as the pictures and videos kept coming.

This was my first time being on TV talking about my own initiative. What an honour for me. I knew many people must have watched the show. The smile didn’t fade when I thought about their feedback. After all, no publicity is bad publicity.

Two things brought me on set, my blog (edukesink.com) and my work place (ActivSpaces). I was happy to share the vision of Eduke’sInk with televiewers across the nation.

The event made me imagine myself in the next 5years. I must have been driving a big car with the inscription “Eduke’sInk” on its number plate.

I watched the videos one after another and shared on my social media handles. Then, I reflected on the questions the host asked me. My best narrative was how I started Eduke’sInk. It made the smile broader. Moreover, the shares from my supporters and well-wishers gave me the energy I needed to write this.


1.Always be available if you have a business to show to the world. This interview came within short notice but I had to accept it because it was working in my favour. The normal Eduke would have said “…You didn’t tell me well ahead of time”.

2.Know your pitch to your finger tips. Had it been I didn’t know my pitch, I would not have done well during the interview as I did.

3. Your network is your networth. Know the kind of people you add to your network. I just got free publicity for my blog because I know someone and someone too knows my work at HiTv.

4. Keep working. If you think no one is seeing you, you lie. The world is watching and your work will soon yield fruits.

5. Prepare your paper before going for any TV or radio show as guest. Don’t come back and start regretting why you didn’t say A or B.

6. Come early to the studio before going on air. It will ease some tension and get you and the presenter prepared for the program.

The Eduke’sInk team remains grateful to all supporters, sponsors, and well-wishers who have not stopped promoting the iniative.

Thank you very much for reading. I enjoyed my time on TV. If you watched give us your feedback on the comments sections.

Also tells us your about your first experience as guest or subject in any media show.


Hi, I am Eduke. I am a village girl. I'll love to share my journey with you hoping you share yours too with me.

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