Queen Mimba logo challenge winner 2019

Congratulations to Agbor Daniel for accepting to compete and finally winning the Queen Mimba Logo Challenge set by Cameroonian singer, Blanche Bailly.

Congratulations to team Eduke’sink and ActivSpaces where Agbor Daniel Eyong works as Graphic Designer. We are proud of your victories.

How it all started.

On November 4, 2019, at 3:34, the famous Cameroonian artist, Blanche Bailly announced on her Twitter account, she will award any graphic designer who will do a good logo design XAF50,000. She gave all the details and the deadline for November 5 at midnight. The information was shared and I am sure many graphic designers went for it.

Daniel Agbor is not a social media enthusiast so he didn’t see the post. When the Eduke’sInk team members saw a screenshot of the tweet, they quickly forwarded it to him y because they know what he can do. He is the only designer that can do justice to Blanche needed. The screenshots were sent to him on the same day at 7:40.

Blanche Bailly's tweet announcing the challenge
Blanche Bailly’s tweet announcing the challenge

The next day, Daniel showed the team members some of the designs he did. They were very beautiful. I am sure Blanch was delighted to see them.

Booom! Upon arrival at the office today, Daniel opened his phone and showed me a screenshot of Bailly’s tweet.

Agbor Daniel wins Blanche Bailly's logo challange
Agbor Daniel wins Blanche Bailly’s logo challenge

Yaaaay! Daniel had just won the 50k and an opportunity to work with this big artist concerning the logo fora spa, cosmetics shop, etc. Blanche Bailly also published it on her twitter page. Check it  here

Who is Agbor Daniel?      

Agbor Daniel Eyong is a self-taught Graphic designer with over 3 years of experience. He is the Graphic Designer for ActivSpaces Eduke’s Ink and the User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Designer at the ActivSpaces labs.

He works as a freelance graphic designer and tutors graphic design students at the ActivSpaces Academy. He has been at ActivSpaces since July 17, 2017.

The Eduke’s link logo was done by Daniel and many other works. He is known for the perfect jobs he does; logo, flyers, backdrops, stickers, UI/UX for websites and apps.

Is he also a village boy?

Of course, Agbor is a village boy from Bachuo-Ntai, Manyu Division South West region of Cameroon. He also played “bizeh, drove tyres and cover pan, played stinking, dodging, touch and follow”, climbed different trees, stole meat in the pot etc.

Agbor’s environment has had a great influence on him. He has lived and is living around kind and generous people and he behaves as such. He is more of an introvert by an outgoing person.

Why Daniel was able to win the Queen Mimba logo challenge.

  • Daniel is top-notch when it comes to graphic design both at home and abroad. His works have gained recognition from international partners like Leapfrog, Maviance and Beya, IYAJE and national partners like Royalty World, Grace Chapel, Silicon Mountain, Gifted Naturals, Blue Moon Outsourcing and Consulting, RHESAC, Royal Engineering, Biogasscam, HELIF, The work he did for Bailly is very professional. Why?
  • Agbor works with an organization and has learned how to satisfy clients professionally. I know you will love to see the work he did but we can’t publish until the owner does first.
  • He is creative, experienced, smart and determined. It took Daniel just 4 hours to produce the logo and send it to Blanche. Though he received the information late, he was able to come up with something meaningful and send in a few hours. He received the screenshots at 7; 40pm on November 4 and submitted his work at 7; 20 Am on November 5. Kudos grand.

The next question you will ask is how professional Agbor’s submission for the Queen Mimba logo challenge was

His documentation was explicit and excellent. He didn’t just send designs without explaining why he used the colours he used. He attributed some meaning to everything he did.

Moreover, he gave his client experience. Every design he did was displayed on a sample product showing the way it will be when the artist will use it on her products. It is a tip every designer should learn from Daniel.

How can you get to Agbor Daniel?

Very simple, come to the top left floor, 1st Trust Building, Great Soppo Buea.

You can also get to him on social media:

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/adeyong

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/adeyong

Email [email protected]

Instagram @a_daniel_creative or adeyong

Feed your curiosity with some of the works done by Daniel here.

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  1. Julliet Nahlela Reply

    This is simply breath taking. I met with Daniel in a bus from Lagos to another state some years ago and we had a amazing valuable chat regarding certain issues. I’ve lost touch with him since then but I’m very proud to stumble on this piece of write up. Courage brother… keep soaring. Better things await you along this path of creativity, professionalism and awesomeness. People like you are changing the narratives when it comes to customer service here.
    I’m proud of you!
    #ngrafi girl🤩

    • Thank you very much, Juliet. You can get to Daniel via his social media handles. Don’t forget to subscribe too.

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