How did this start?

Back then in August 2019, Eduke Nadesh, content creator for Eduke’sInk made two interesting trips to the capital city Yaounde for 2 events; The Scoop Media Award and the Peace Journalism training organized by the Cameroon English Newspaper Publishers Association (CENPA).

In the course of her journies, she updated her WhatsApp contacts with beautiful and interesting stories. E.g “How I got robbed at Obili, Language barrier was one of the reasons I missed my event, car break down on our way to Buea, Living in Buea without water”.

Some of them confessed the stories were really inspiring and entertaining. Many lessons were shared and learnt too.

Suggestions started coming in after some of them discovered she could write beautiful stories. They suggested she writes a book. Others proposed she starts a blog so that the whole world can learn about her stories and the lessons.

After several refusals, she finally settled on starting a blog since that had always been her interest though she didn’t know her niche yet. Besides, she needed somewhere to practise what she was learning at the Afro Hustler Writers’ Bootcamp.

Screenshot of a conversation between her and her  status viewer appreciating the beautiful stories

Why the name Eduke’sInk? 

Eduke is an African name, precisely from Cameroon, Kupe Muanenguba Division of the Bakossi people. The ink is what she is using to tell her own stories. Eduke’sInk depicts a story told by a Bakossi woman in her own words and handwriting.

Moreover, the ink of a pen never wipes, that’s why she uses it to tell stories even of the past.

Eduke’sInk seeks to:

1. Recount childhood stories of Cameroonians especially those in the villages to give readers and foreigners a feel of how life used to be before now.

2. Share experiences especially failed ones with the world, how the protagonists overcame them so that others can learn from them too.

3. Show to the world some of the people who have left and are leaving beautiful footprints that should be emulated. Eduke’sInk does this by writing and sharing their stories.

How different is it from other blogs?

-EdukesInk gives the African experience that no other blog gives. It is not a regular blog that talks about politics, economics nor news. EdukesInk explains village stories and what happens in our-day-today living. Our niche is stories about the almost forgotten stories of Africans.

-It tells the story the way it happens/happened.

– The team members are those who have lived in the village setting and still have a vivid picture of how things happened.

– Village life especially that of  Babubock will come up repeatedly unlike other blogs that talk about what happens in the cities.

-It also suggests moral lessons from which others can learn.


Readers should expect at least one interesting blog post from Eduke’sInk each week.

They should expect excitement and laughter when reading the stories.


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Hi, I am Eduke. I am a village girl. I'll love to share my journey with you hoping you share yours too with me.

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