6 homeless families in Kumba need your help to survive. It is very difficult to start all over again since even the least basic need was lost to the fire incident. We appreciate whatever support you send wholeheartedly.

The money we raise will help purchase some basic amenities and secure accommodation for these victims.

Cause of the  6 homeless families

On Sunday, September 20, 2020, 6 families living in Kramma in Kumba, the chief town of Meme Division Cameroon were visited by a serious fire incident that burnt down the whole compound to ashes.

The fire which started at about 7 PM was suspected to have been caused by a fault from the electricity Meter. Since there were few persons at home at the time, there was no way to quench the fire.

The owner of the compound was the first person to see the fire and immediately alerted everyone around as she screamed for help.

According to one of the victims who is also a mother of 4, Ndoh Blanch, the explosion of the first gas bottle in a room closer to the source of the fire escalated the situation.

“Time wey I comot for outside for see why mami di shout, I see how wey fire don already burn the first room. I halaa! Na ei wey I run comot outside with my pikin them. As I say my me I enter again remove my things, I hear how gas bottle explode, then ei make the fire add…” she explained.

Unfortunately for these victims, the fire consumed all the rooms before the population could come. Also, You can watch a video of the fire incident via this link https://youtu.be/ZTh3IWrsB9w

What the 6 homeless families lost to the fire

-The compound was inhabited by 6 families amounting to over 17 persons. All these persons lost everything they have inside the house. Since they were not at home to remove anything.

– The owner of the house is said to have lost 1.8million France to the fire. After 4 gas bottles exploded in the fire, there was no way a human bring could go near it.

– These families have lost their peace of mind, important documents, plans, dignity and comfort. It is not easy starting back from scratch without even the most basic amenity.

“I don’t know where to start from again. I can’t believe my children don’t have even clothes to wear, food to eat nor shelter to cover our heads. This fire has caused us so much damage. I don’t know why God allowed this to happen to us in a time like this when there is a crisis and Corona virus…” one of the victims cried

one of the 6 homeless families
one of the 6 homeless families

The help they have gotten so far

– The 6 homeless families are perching at neighbours’ and friends’ homes. Upon visiting Ndoh Blanch and her 4 children last week, they were living in a room given to them by a neighbour. She told us her neighbour allowed them to stay there for the time while they look for other means of survival. Other neighbours are living in the town in different places.

– Mme Ndoh also told us the dresses she and her four children and husband have been wearing ha e been given to them by friends and family. “Some of my friend them don dash me some money. Na ei way we di use am managed…”

What’s the way forward to help these 6 homeless families?

We are doing a Gofundme campaign to help these families purchase at least basic needs so they can start life again afresh. It is easier to start again if you can take care of necessities.  It becomes most difficult if you do not have even a bed to lie on.

We have appealed to some NGOs and individuals but nothing seems to be coming forth.

However, any amount you support with will help these victims get back on their feet. It is a traumatizing experience for them.

This is the link to the Gofundme campaign.


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