“Them say na when some tin don pass na that time ei Di fine for talk am”.

We knew we had lost him. He bled profusely as he managed to creep into the bush. The bush was in total rumble. Villagers running helter-skelter, fleeing from deadly gun men shooting to kill. I cried so hard when I heard Dione say “Na your papa this inside bush. Them don shoot ei foot them. Ei no di fit waka ya”

This got me confused in the office that calm morning. The images of what I saw in the movies made me weep like a kid who just lost its only surviving parent. All colleagues’ attempts to calm me aggravated the situation. I called that number over and over but the unreliable networks couldn’t allow the calls go through.

I contacted everyone who came to my mind. There was a major challenge-How do we get him out of the bush to a clinic? Ediki was occupied by soldiers. The saying,  “Any man for eiself, God for we all” was true at that moment

I wept for my country Cameroon. The recent crisis has claimed the lives, homes, peace and freedom of many. My family was now a victim of the circumstance. They didn’t only shoot his legs, but attempted to raze down his newly built humble abode. 

Luckily for me, the line connected again.

 Allo Papa P, how you di feel? Make wuna no panic eeehhh! If way dey wey wuna fit comot inside bush come meetup me for Buea make wuna come. I di wait wuna. You don take any medicine.

I asked while in tears. I knew my dad will die.

Some Nurse don give me first aid: ei don clean the wound them, plaster am, give me some medicine.” I was relieved with this though tears continued to run down my cheeks. At least he could talk. I thought the legs have been scattered and no way for him to get help.

When the news of him being shot reached the village-Babubock, the entire village was in tears. Oh! The Hero, Man of Honour, King of the Nguhs family, a man of his words has fallen. Of course, his breed is rare to find. Mom, grand ma and Franklin called after every hour for updates. 

As miraculous as God is, I got another call in the afternoon. This time hearing a positive message. The three of them; Dione Papa P and Ebude had boarded a bus to Buea. I waited impatiently as I hurried home to make dinner for them. I knew they must be tired after roaming the bush the whole day in search of safety. 

Immediately I heard a knock on the door, I jumped from my seat and opened the door. I burst into tears as I saw the poor man supported on both sides by the two little girls with each on one side. He barely carried his leg up without support. He was a fighter. He looked more like a living corpse. Their clothes wet and torn. 

I offered them some food after they were done eating, I rushed him to a nearby clinic for the doctors to commence treatment. I finally got a smile on my face. The accident was not grave as I had thought.

“Pa, wetti bring you for hospital?” the nurse asked Papa P after taking his vital signs.

Me and my friend done commot oven this morning for 5 O’clock for dry my small cocoa. I say make I cam house cam wake up my pikin  them for start prepare their tin them for cook for sell. We di waka that morning so we no know say people them don hide for back blocks them with gun. Luckily we be don off our torch. As they hear our voice, them point we torch then talk for French say make we stand, say if we no stand them go shoot we. Them be don already set their gun them. As my friend hear so, na ei wey ei skip enter inside bush start run. I no be fit remain for dey me one because I know say them for kill me as them don kill other villagers. As my friend skip, me too I start run inside bush too.

“Na for dey them start shoot we. Na for dey the village be alert say people them don enter village. All man start run di enter bush. I hear how bullet them di enter my foot sotey go reach for my buttocks. Thank God I know village inside fine. As I fall for down valley, I start creep di enter bush. I struggle sotey I go meetup the other villagers in side bush, place wey them give me first aid. Since that 5;30 I don be in pains. Na my pikin don talk say make we struggle come meetup ei for here make ei carry me go hospital.”

The nurse felt pity for him. She did all the necessary and handed him to the doctor who also ran tests and prescribed medicines for him. We bought them and went home that night and prayed like never before.

Papa P continued to take his medication until he got better and was able to walk perfectly again. The daily news of corpses found back there in Ediki made him cry like a baby. They lost so many illustrious young people. He couldn’t help but think of how God saved him from the deadly accident. It was more than him to talk about. 

He went back to Ediki after and a month and half. I insisted he stay but he kept thinking of his farms. Papa P is doing ok though the effects of the bullets are posing a problem to him. 


  1. Dear African momy and daddy, investing in your children is the best thing you can do for yourself and the child. They are those to take care of you in the future. Imagine if he had no one in a city to host him. He would have died in the bush.
  2. We need to listen to our instings at times. That was one of the ways by which our ancestors were able to live longer. If he didn’t run, he would have died like others who were killed in their houses that same day.
  3. Saving for unforeseen circumstances is very essential. I took him to the clinic with some money I had saved.

I will end by thanking everyone who supported us during this crisis. My family is very grateful to you and your support. It is true one hand cannot tie a bundle.  

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  1. No one could have narrated this more better. I felt Papa P’s voice while reading through.
    … Family they say is everything. You are blessed for always fighting for your family my dear Nash.

    • Dear Buma, my few exchanges with you have taught me the importance of family.
      I couldn’t have watched him lament in that bush without doing nothing. Thanks for marking present again today.

      • Only God knows how sad i felt when Eric told me about the ugly situation. I couldn’t help but inform my family to find out how it all happened and how he was fairing. We thank God he is still alive today

      • Only God knows how sad i felt when Eric told me about the ugly situation. I couldn’t help but inform my family to find out how it all happened and how he was fairing. We thank God he is still alive today

  2. Lily Asongfac Reply

    You will never understand the pain until it touches your own. This crisis has taken literally everything from me, but the Almighty God keeps me going. Imagine your family investing their whole life in a far off village like Mator mbutu, then things fall apart and there’s no way to access the estates. We thank God for papa p’s life and keep praying for peace

    • You will never understand the pain until it touches your own… Really true my sister. I can imagine your disappointments. Ashia ya

  3. Milton Ndi Reply

    Dear Nash, once more I’m really sorry for that unfortunate incident for your family.

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