African Christmas celebration


Christmas is sweet in my village When I think of Christmas, the first that comes to mind is new clothes and shoes, rice, chicken, baptism, stew, much meat, balloons, “bonbon”, brown money and homecoming for those who were out of the village. One week to Christmas, pigs, goats, fowls, horses, and cows start mourning. Movements to and from Bangem (where women go for shopping) become rampant while quarrels between man and wife are on a daily basis. All these made Christmas very sweet in my.village How it used to happen in Babubock, my village The preparations always seemed like Jesus was coming in person. It was a time for “Papa and Mama” to award us for excellence.  They always threatened not to buy Christmas dress unless you passed number 1 in the first term exams. And if you did, all the beautiful gifts were yours though even those who failed…