African girl in love


Though it’s common with almost every African girl in her puberty stage, few can talk about their First “Chattere”-First boy to ask them for a love relationship. Many of our readers have asked to read about our experience of a “chattere.” This story of a first chattere may not apply to all the girls, but, most of them had a similar experience to this. Mind you, most of us African girls could not share these experiences with our mothers because we were shy and had lots of stereotypes. As usual, Eduke’s Ink gives its readers what they demand. Enjoy this beautiful piece. It seeks to inform, educate, and entertain our readers of the stories we have around us. What “Chattere” means “Chattere” in our local Cameroonian parlance is a boy that is asking out a girl on a love relationship. We call it chattere because the boys chat with us…