Fire incident in Kumba


6 homeless families in Kumba need your help to survive. It is very difficult to start all over again since even the least basic need was lost to the fire incident. We appreciate whatever support you send wholeheartedly. The money we raise will help purchase some basic amenities and secure accommodation for these victims. Cause of the  6 homeless families On Sunday, September 20, 2020, 6 families living in Kramma in Kumba, the chief town of Meme Division Cameroon were visited by a serious fire incident that burnt down the whole compound to ashes. The fire which started at about 7 PM was suspected to have been caused by a fault from the electricity Meter. Since there were few persons at home at the time, there was no way to quench the fire. The owner of the compound was the first person to see the fire and immediately alerted everyone…