Lower Mbo


The recent August 21 landslide Mbo villages have been estimated to cause hunger, hardship, depression soon. Not only are victims unable to feed well as at now, but some also do not have shelter. Also, the village roads are blocked and some do not have access to their farmlands. How Naguti Area Synergies responded to the August 21 landslide The Nguti area synergies (NAS) association has sent 3 envelopes to the 3 affected areas of the recent August 21 landslide. The natural disaster which took place in Lower Mbo, Mbetta and upper Nkongho happened on August 21 2020. Unfortunately, 4 lives were lost. The relief funds have been handed to 3 representatives of the hit villages by Honourable Julius Fonge, Member of Parliament for kupe Muanenguba who is also a member of NAS.  The funds are a token from the association bringing Nguti sons and daughters together to help those…