This story is based on an interview conducted by Cameroon Tech News with a startup called MYGAZ, which proposes a solution to fire incidents caused by gas leakage. As earlier mentioned, Cameroon Tech News is another product of EdukesInk with the aim to showcase startups and their solutions to the world. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has played a revolutionary role in facilitating the use of fuels used for heating and cooking. With multiple advantages, bottled LPG is experiencing strong growth of 9% per year in Cameroon. However, LPG also has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage of using LPG is related to access, storage and security. Fire accidents are one of the main causes of deaths in Cameroon and the world at large. A majority of these fire accidents are caused by leakages from gas cylinders commonly known in Cameroon as gas bottle.  Unfortunately, MYGAZ, a startup in Cameroon says…