I visited Yaounde last August and a pickpocket made away with my money unpunished. He pulled it from my hand like he was a shareholder in my company who hasn’t had his dividends for years. I have been hearing about pick pockets in big cities like Yaounde but never had an encounter with them. I knew I was untouchable, “I be ‘K’ girl nor”. Popular opinion holds it that people who have lived in Kumba, Mutengene and Douala are hardly robbed. My case this time was different. I finally met my match. This was how it happened That evening after The Scoop Media Award, we sat at a snack bar at carrefour Obili, the neighbourhood in Yaounde habouring the highest number of English speaking Cameroonians. I left my friends to get some steaks outside. I met these two guys who were roasting ‘cow meat soya’. I chose the quantity I…