The good and bad of my 5 years in boarding school   It started like a joke, Mmayoyo (my mom) got an urgent call from Papa P who  traveled to Kumba for one of his cocoa selling trips. I overheard him say “wuna wash that box  for room, put ma moyo (Eduke) ei clothes for inside, send ei for any driver whey ei di come Kumba”. It was during the 3 months vacation. Mmayoyo and everyone at home in the village suspected Papa P wanted to put me in a dormitory school. But I was not happy beacuse I had heard many horrible stories about dormitory schools; ‘mami water’ (mermaids) attacks, food cooked in (cass) drums, abuse by senior students and many more. You can name the rest in the comments section. How my journey to Saint Francis College started My mom did as Papa P  demanded and on that Saturday,…