Silicon Mountain Conference The Showcase


The largest tech gathering in Cameroon, SILICON MOUNTAIN CONFERENCE will happen from November 9th -13th 2021 in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. The organizing committee is rounding off with preparations for the historic event themed, “THE SHOWCASE.” Though envisaged to harbour over 2000 participants, many who do not understand the tech ecosystem doubt the activities of the community members. Lately, it is common to find a non-techie term Silicon mountain community members scammers, computer repairers, thieves or even computer vendors. What Is The Silicon Mountain Exactly and how did it come into existence? Since the early 2000s, computer enthusiasts like Churchill Mambe, Valery Colong (Co-founder of ActivSpaces), Otto Akama, Churchill Nanje Mambe (Founder, Njorku), Fua Tse (Founder, Zinger Systems), Tata Cyril had dreams of having a community where tech lovers can come together and learn from each other. Then support structures like Activsapces popped up and served as a…