My friend I di tell you this story so I di feel as to cry, If I member tin wey my papa do my Mami ei dey like say make I take knife kill my papa. Gender-based violence in African Homes is real ya. Gender-based violence in African homes is real. This story highlights the personal experience told by an African child. She feels so hurt by her parents’ practice of violence at home. Read more of our African personal experience stories here. “Hello Edukesink.com, I will love for you to talk about gender-based violence in African homes. The trauma I have lived with these past years may send me to my early grave. I need to say this to someone though I prefer anonymity.” The degrading violent incident So, Ebote is a 21-year-old lady from Eyandong, this is her story… “I don’t know if should regret being their daughter.…